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Sea Clocks
by Louise Borden

Before the 1600s, it was as if ships sailed across the ocean in the dark. Sailors didn't have a way to know where they were on the ocean. Even after they learned how to measure latitude to determine how far north or south they were, they still could not tell how far east or west they were! They needed a clock that would work accurately on the ocean. A huge reward was offered to the person who could design such a clock.

In 1714, one man stepped forward. He wasn't a even a scientist. He wasn't an engineer. To others, he may have seemed to be a simple clock maker, but this clock maker had creativity and perseverance. This is his story, the story of the long, courageous journey to success and recognition in bringing ocean navigation into the light. His name was John Harrison.

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(Symbolizing high moral character in literature)

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