by Elizabeth Starr Hill

Ben was happy living with his grandparents and great-grandmother in the backwoods of Florida. That is, he was happy until Elliot moved from the big city into Ben's little village of Bending River. Elliot's constant put-downs and scorn for the simple things in Ben's life made Ben begin to see the simple things as stupid, his regular life as ordinary, and his usual fun as boring. What would happen when Ben's grandfather's fireworks, a Fourth of July picnic, a drought, tinder-dry woods, and peer pressure, all came together? Will the boys and a homeless puppy be able to escape the WILDFIRE?

A short chapter book with a large print and full-page pencil drawings starts slowly but drama and suspense build in this contemporary story. Perfect for 2nd and 3rd grade readers in a fire-safety unit.

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Literary Connections

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Our special thanks to Ramón Pajares Box for the background music: "Schnell-Tanz" by BÉLA BARTÓK (Hungary, 1881-1945)


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