The Clairvoyant and the King

Many hundreds of years ago a king went to see a fortune teller to see what she could predict about the future.

The fortune teller told the king that one of his wives would die that year. The king didn't believe her and went away laughing.

Later that year one of the king's wives died.

He remembered what the fortune teller had told him and thought that she had caused the death of his wife, that she had made it happen. He decided to put her to death.

He ordered that she be brought before him.

When she was before him he said to her, "A few months ago you predicted that one of my wives would die this year, and one of them has died. So you are a fortune teller. Now, tell me - when will you die?"

The fortune teller realized that the king was planning to kill her, so she thought very carefully before answering. What would have been her best answer?

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"I will die three days before you do, your majesty."