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Melody for The Ballad of Atherton

Lyrics by Suzy Red, Melody and Performance by Robin Mikalunas and the Cunningham Singers

Atherton was a strange new world,
Where Edgar lived and worked.
Made of three flat circular levels,
The ground was known to jerk.

The top level was the Highlands,
Next came Tabletop,
On bottom was the Flatlands.
Between them, no one hopped.

In the middle level, Tabletop,
Edgar's boss was Ratikan,
A cruel and evil overlord,
Disgusting, dirty man.

Now Edgar was a skinny boy
Who liked to have some fun
Swinging through the fig trees
He seldom missed a one.

Mr. Ratikan once saw Edgar
Swinging through the trees.
He hit the boy with his long cane,
And brought him to his knees.

Never a moment of fun had he.
Food and water were rare.
But Edgar had a secret.
It was his only care.

There was a young girl, Isabel,
Who followed him around,
Together they felt the trembling,
Like a drum banging in the ground.

Now Edgar was a curious boy
Who saw the Highlands, there,
Cliffs led straight up to the top
At them, he'd often stare.


Atherton Song with Lyrics
Inspired by Atherton, The House of Power by Patrick Carman
from Transformers, © Suzy Red, March, 2008, Lockhart, TX