1st Place in Essay Contest, November 2000
My Brush with Death
by Kenny M., Lockhart I.S.D. 8th Grader

I plummeted to the water below, sure that this would be the last day I would live on this glorious planet. I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself though, so let me start from the beginning.
My story began on a scorching hot Tuesday afternoon last summer. Like every other day, the temperature was in the hundreds. Overwhelmed with boredom I sat on the couch in my dad's business. As I stared blankly at a wall a bead of sweat trickled down my cheek. Suddenly, my prayers were answered! My Uncle Casey invited me to go to Fiesta Texas with him. At the time roller coasters weren't one of my favorite things in life. However, there is always nice scenery at theme parks, so I readily accepted. On the way to San Antonio my uncle revealed his secret ... I would have to ride every ride there!

We arrived at the theme park and the rides towered above me. They mocked my fear of heights, and I swear the Superman, perched above one of the many loops found on the Krypton Koaster, laughed at me. At that moment, I made a decision: I would conquer my fear!

I accepted any and every challenge. There was no coaster too tall, too fast, or too dangerous. I took on The Poltergeist, The Boomerang, The Scream, The Joker's Revenge, The Krypton Koaster, The Road Runner, and even the dreaded Rattler. I was standing there feeling triumphant, and then I saw it.

It looked like something an evil king would have in his dungeon and call Ihe Dooms&ry Device or some other name to strike fear in all that oppose it. Others have said the prince of darkness himself, Lucifer, created it. Here they call it ... The Screaming Sky Coaster.

Before I realized what was going on I was being strapped in the harness and attached to a chord. Then and there I looked into the face of danger and said, "Mommy!" I was pulled higher and higher on this simple chord M mind raced wildly, All that was 14 keeping meftoinfalling to my watery grave was a C 84 1 frantically tried to remember the Lord's Prayer, and I recited all the words to Amazing Grace I could remember. Then out of nowhere I fell.

There was a split-second of falling helplessly, but then, the chord caught and I was flying. I swung back and forth, and felt as though I was a bird. I soared above the others at the theme park, arms extended in flight. I had done it. I had conquered The Screaming Sky Coaster!

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