Ideas for Handling Geraldine's Homework

Here are some ideas for checking / debriefing homework when Geraldine Lovefluffer has done it:

1. Collect homework as students arrive in morning.

2. During a morning break, check to be sure everyone has turned it in with proper effort and reasonable accuracy. Check it if you have time. Occasionally, check to see if they can miss a morning break to get some extra help or to do the work that they need to complete.

3. Before lunch, hold students who have not made proper effort and those whose work is not reasonably accurate to finish. They may get their trays, but not eat until after completing their homework. (I would strongly suggest that you get parents to agree to this before doing it.)

4. After lunch, give it back to the students who did it and go over it. One student at a time may write a sentence on the board as the class corrects as the class discusses the homework.

5. The morning after that, project an UNEDITED transparency. Have students copy / correct it at the beginning of the day--for a class grade! (Examples: on Wednesday morning, have students write the first 1/3 from the transparency. On Thursday, have them write the second 1/3. This way you are working toward mastery with help for slower children and evaluation at the “end!”

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Geraldine Luvfluffer is a fictional character created by Suzy Red.

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