A Halloween Story Starter

The Weirdest Halloween Ever
by Suzy Red

Rrrrrripppp!  A lightning bolt of  fresh breeze opened down the back of the green leotards signaling the start of the weirdest Halloween I had ever experienced!  Here I was just getting started on the Trick-or-Treat highway when my special costume provided the first trick of the night.  Stars chuckled around me as a chilly autumn zephr ruffled the golden petals framing my face, air conditioning the other end of my daisy-self. 
     "Oh, no!" I moaned as I broke a branch from Mrs. Huffworthy's prize biggleberry bush to cover my exposed derriere.  "I'll explain later, Mrs. Huffworthy...but I'm late to catch up with the others," I whispered as I hop-skipped down the sidewalk as fast as my stem would allow.  My little biggleberry tail wagged happily behind me--it probably wouldn't have if it had known what was waiting around the next corner.

     Innocently, I danced forward, leaves jiggling, petals bouncing, biggleberry tail jiggling.  As I neared the corner, the street light suddenly went out, allowing total darkness to engulf me as if I had been swallowed by a giant brontosaurus.  I stopped, rooted to the spot.

Halloween Fun

Halloween Story Starter

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