1st Place in Essay Contest, November 2000
Teen Age Jobs

by Brittany W., Lockhart I.S.D. 8th Grader

Would you like fries with that?

This phrase has become as familiar to many teenagers who have a job as their morning routine. In fact now days, most teens work, whether it be at a restaurant, babysitting the next door neighbors kids or mowing peoples luscious, luxurious lawns. Most teens desperately search for a way to pay for his or her gas, go to the mall, or buy an item for that special someone. Perhaps you too, are one of the thousands of teen on that scavenger hunt for ajob. If so, lean back, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride as we venture into the teenage business world.

Are you hungry? Do you need a drink to quench your ailing thirst? I hope so, because our first stop is at a local restaurant. Look around and count the number of teenaged kids you see working here. Quite a few, huh? As you can see many teens enjoy to wait on people, work at the cash register, and prepare others meals at various different restaurants. While you work at restaurants you may earn more pay than if you were to work as your siblings chauffeur since you have specific hours and an hourly wage. Also, while you work at a restaurant you can earn a lot of money through tips. Many gracious people leave tips if they have exceptionally good service or meals. One really good skill you can pick up is how to talk and cooperate with people. If you wait on customers you must be able to have people skills. Waa, waaa, waaa. Do you hear that? I believe it's the next door neighbors kid crying. We better go check on them.

Here we are, the neighbor's house. The Williams just had twins and have asked me to watch over them for a while. By the way, that reminds me of the job of babysitting Babysitting is a very good job for any adolescent. While you watch over kids you can learn important parenting skills. If you are responsible and can get the children to bed at time, you can also have free time to yourself While the children sleep and sugar plums carousel carelessly claiming their thoughts as you finish your chemistry homework or tune into the late night horror flicks. In the world of babysitting you can also set your own pay. Oh look, the Williams just got home. I guess its time to go pick up my little brother from mowing the Coney's lawn.

Another wonderful job for a juvenile is mowing lawns. While you can make your own hours and require a certain amount of pay, you wouldn't be able to work if it were rainy outside. You must also have some sort of transportation to get yourself and your lawn mower from one house to another. Without a truck or trailer of some sort you wouldn't be able to haul yourself and machine from one place to another. You can see therefor that mowing lawns is a good way to earn some extra cash, but you must have the transportation to do it.

As we end our venture, I would like to thank you for joining me. I hope that you can now see that now days, most teens work at a job whether it be a restaurant, babysitting or lawn mowing and that you too can have a way of earning money. Now you can have a little extra money to spend on that special someone or perhaps try to get that special someone! Bye!

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