20 Outstanding Picture Books

Mockingbird Nominees for 1999-2000

Created by Librarians and Teachers of Abilene I.S.D.
Nickle:  The Ant Bully, Scholastic Press, 1999, RL 3.9

Radcliffe:  Bashi, Elephant Baby, Viking, 1997, RL 4.2

Facklam:  Bugs for lunch, Charlesbridge, 1999, RL 4.2

DeFelice:  Clever Crow, Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 1998, RL 2.8

Stevens:  Cook-a-doodle-doo!  Harcourt Brace, 1999, RL 1.3

Lewis: Doodle Dandies:  Poems that Talke Shape, Atheneum
            Books for Young Readers, 1998, RL 2.2

Paul:  Everything to Spend the Night, DK, 1999, RL 1.5

Daniels:  The Feet in the Gym, Winslow Press, 1999, IL K-3

Cuyler:  From Here to There, Holt, 1999, IL K-3

Wallace:  Gentle Giant Octopus, Candlewick Press, 1998, RL 2.0

Ward:  The Hare and the Tortoise:  A Fable from Aesop, Millbrook Press, 1999, RL 4.1

Lester:  Hooway for Wodney Wat, Houghton Mifflin, 1999, IL K-3

Teague:  The Lost and Found, Scholastic Press, 1998, RL 4.2, IL K-3

Cocca-Leffler:  Mr. Tanen's Ties, A. Whitman, 1999, IL K-3

Wright:  Pet Detectives!  BridgeWater Books, 1999, RL 3.5

Steig:  Pete's a Pizza, HarperCollins, 1998, RL 2.8

Cowley:  Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Scholastic Press, 1999, RL 2.8

Barrett:  The Things That Are the Most Fun in the World,  Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 1998, RL 4.8

Bang:  When Sophie Gets Angry--Really, Really, Angry, Blue Sky Press, 1999, IL K-3

Bloom:  Wolf!  Orchard Books, 1999, RL 3.5



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