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"... the mischievous, marvelous, mutts from the pound
couldn't believe what a good home they'd found."

The Hound from the Pound
by Jessica Swaim
Kids Wings Top Flight Book

But, was Mary listening closely?

Sam said "MOST" of their dogs know how to behave. Blue the Bassett was one that did NOT know how to behave, and there was something else that Mary didn't know about Blue.

So, guess who Mary chose?

That's how the wild adventure started. Can you guess how it ends?

Your students will love Jessica Swaim's The Hound from the Pound, a rollicking narrative poem with precious illustrations by Jill McElmurry. It might lead to a trip to the pound or a visit from an animal control officer or Humane Society representative.

The Kids Wing's literature guide hosts a pre-reading discussion. It invites dramatic reading in a simple, original, rhyming, two-page readers theater script. Students have an introduction to multiple-choice comprehension. They will enjoy the challenge in "Pound Fun Page." It even includes math problems in "Numbers and Dogs." After reading the book students are invited to choose from six activities that extend their learning.

Internet Extensions
The Hound from the Pound

Author and Poet Jessica Swaim

PBS KIDS' Dog Pound Game
Active Dog Catcher Game

National Geographic Dogs at Work Game

Dog Perfect

Kids' Wings lesson plan and activities for The Hound from the Pound is one of the study guides for 54 works of award-winning literature in picture books for grades 1-3, now on sale for $35.95 or less than $1 each in:

Grade K-3 Literary Connections:

Literature Guides for
Award-Winning Literature About Dogs

The Kids Wings 8-page activity guide for The Hound from the Pound by Jessica Swaim
provides fun and learning for grades K-3, perfect for lesson planning and printed handouts
or projection slides on your SmartBoard!

Activities (see some screen shots below) include:
Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
Pound Crossword Puzzle
2-page Rhyming Reader's Theater Script
Story Check-up
Pound Fun Page
Numbers and Dogs Math Challenge
What About That Dog? Activity Extenders
Answer Page

Here are the pages in the Kids Wings Unit:

The Hound from the Pound is only one of 54 Literature Guides
the Kids' Wings collection, Bringing Books to Life for 2012-2013
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The Hound from the Pound NOW!


A special thanks to Laura's Midi Heaven for allowing us to use the
background music: "My Pet" by Confrey, 1921, Performed by Frank Marsh

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