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Underland Webquest

Information Sources

In your creation of the town master plan, you may use resources from your classroom, library, or information databases available at school. The sites below may help your group as a whole or individually as you research.

General information for the council:
Cave information:
  • A virtual cave tour to get you aquainted with your new home
  • Learn about different cave formations including those stalagmites and stalagmites.
  • How were those huge caves created?
Get to know the new neighbors- the arachnids, the insects, and those friendly bats!
  • Myths and the truth about spiders, where they live, can they hurt you, and what different species look like. http://spiders.ucr.edu/
  • Any kind of insect you can name is listed here- what others might be waiting for you? www.enature.com
  • Do you know everything about bats? Just in case you don't www.tooter4kids.com has information on these helpful mammals and "test your knowledge" are so you can show off.
  • More information on bats, which species are endangered, and their loss of habitat at www.kidsplanet.org

Cave plants and animals:
What plants and animals are often found in caves?

Council Roles

You are the official messenger and representative of your town. You must know a lot about the other citizens in the Underland, and your own townspeople. See the general sites on your new neighbors to become and Underland expert.

  • The Peace Corp for Kids has some ideas on learning from other cultures and making a difference

You will need to become knowledgeable about cave formation, so make sure you visit the sites listed above. Other sources for you are listed below:
  • There is scientific evidence of historical underground cities.
  • Under New York City there are some interesting structures that aren't part of any novel!: www.nationalgeographic.com
  • The ancient Egyptians had to use natural resources similar to what you will find available in your new home.
  • FEMA has some plans to help you build a hurricane proof home. They may help you develop your architectural plan.
  • Don't forget that the habitat you've invaded has a balance. Research some facts on conservation.
Food production representative
  • Check the links on Garbage Helps Our Garden Grow
  • Preventing food born illness is important! Research to discover why and how.
  • Tasty wild mushrooms can be grown to help create your town's food staples!
  • Need some help with agricultural basics? Interview a farmer.
  • Plants can be found in unlikely places. Research to find plants that might be found underground.
  • The Great Plant Escape can help you remember the basics of growing plants in a fun game.

Head Councilman
  • Some ideas on how our government is structured may help you decide which laws come first, and why. Democratic governments like ours can be studied at http://bensguide.gpo.gov/
  • This site may help with questions about our legal system.
  • You have a lot to worry about as such an important member of the council. Did your council plan for emergencies? Here are a few to make you think! www.fema.gov/kids
  • Search terms and positions in government and how they all work together www.mcwdn.org

Health Professional
  • Safe drinking water can be yours! See an example system here www.epa.gov/safewater/kids
  • A quiz on food safety may give you some pointers for your council meetings, try one from www.fda.gov
  • Warehouse inspectors search our food storage facilities for unsafe situations. This site will show you what they look for to keep our food safe! Try it yourself! www.fda.gov
  • This site has many links on basic health needs and will review body systems with you! http://kidshealth.org/kid/
  • You may need to make recommendations for the council to keep everyone healthy, happy, and fit. This site can help! www.niehs.nih.gov
  • A germ refresher course http://kidshealth.org might help everyone stay healthy!

Information Sources
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